Food industry

We founded Formenza Kft. after decades of experience in the meat industry, with only a few dozens of employees, but thanks to our organizational skills and high quality of work, over the years the number of our employees has increased to several hundred.

Formenza Kft. is now a factory workforce supplier with operations in several large meat production and food packaging companies in Germany, including:

  • Westfleisch e.G.
  • Wiesenhof GmbH
  • BARD-Metzgerei-Produkte GmbH
  • Schwamm & Cie mbH
  • Tönnies Lebensmittel GmbH & Co.
  • Our activity

    Our current projects include the following tasks:

  • meat processing (splitting, boning, cutting etc.)
  • preparation and packaging of poultry and grill products
  • cheese preparation and packaging
  • preparation and packaging of finished and semi-finished food products
  • miscellaneous factory tasks requiring skilled and unskilled workforce
  • Advantages we offer

    Choosing us as your factory workforce supplier holds several advantages for your company:

  • consistent supply of workforce - no downtime due to holidays or sick leaves, costs apply only to actual performed work hours
  • fast and efficient handling of seasonal fluctuations (downsizing or hiring of employees, within days)
  • our company fully takes charge of the cost and management resources spent on recruiting new employees, by means of our specially developed, efficient recruitment system
  • we fully cover the costs and take care of the organization of outbound travel, local accomodation and commute to work of our employees, which means no hidden costs
  • precise and reliable execution of work
  • we take strict care of hygienic and safety regulations
  • high level of teamwork, importance of a good relationship with employees
  • we provide skilled, experienced team leaders who take care of team organization, supervision, training process and communication
  • we take care of any personal needs and complaints of our employees that may arise
  • clearly defined service contracts, precise financial management
  • flexible variations of cost calculation methods suited for the activity of the company, which result in competitive prices